Believing In God In Today’s World

Believing in God in today’s society isn’t the easiest thing in the world. For one thing, it’s extremely difficult to talk about religion at all without offending someone. People my age don’t really talk about things like that. It’s not just that it isn’t talked about that makes it difficult, but the rules that go along with religion are very old fashioned. Teens today find it hard to relate to rules that were set thousands of years ago. Some rules are still relatable of course, like the 10 commandments, but society is extremely different from the way it was back then, and some rules don’t make as much sense anymore. For example, I don’t understand why priests can’t be female, seeing as woman are seen as equals in todays society. Also, why can’t priests marry in the Catholic faith, while in other religions, ministers and priests can marry. Todays society is greatly influenced by the media. Whether it be in movies, television, magazines or music, they all seem to encourage things that are not necessarily corresponding with Catholic values. For example, one of the commandments says “thou shall not kill” but how many movies or shows have you seen where the main theme is killing people? It is not just the violent behaviour we see in the media, but also the types of relationships we see that do not correspond with our Catholic values. Many television shows and movies glorify promiscuity and sexual relationships outside of marriage. The church teaches us that this is wrong, and so teens are caught between what the church says is wrong and what society says is okay. We are not born with our faith, we are taught it by our
family members. We learn the foundation of our faith from when we are young and don’t have choice in the matter. We build on that knowledge as we grow and mature.